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John Cris Cabico

Hello, My Name is John Cris

I live in

I am

I like to play with my friends and read books. I want to be a teacher when I grow up. When you sponsor me, you can help me stay in school and get a good education.

Sponsor John Cris

How Sponsorship Helps

Your sponsorship dollars are used to provide life-changing support for your sponsored child. Aid is facilitated by our overseas offices who provide services based on your child's particular needs. 


Healthcare, nutrition, hygiene, and reproductive health training


Transportation, meals, school supplies, books, uniforms, bags, ect.

Psycho Social

In-home and at-school emotional family support

Sponsoring a Child in

In the Philippines, Pearl S. Buck International serves children who suffer from poverty, disease, and discrimination. The assistance children receive through the Child Sponsorship Program not only supports their health and education, it kindles the spirit of possibility.

"Our treasure is in our children, for in them is our future."

- Pearl S. Buck