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I am in kindergarten. I like to read books and play with my sister and brothers. Your support will give me the tools I need to be successful in life.

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I live with my neighbors while my parents work in a different province. As my sponsor, You can help me go to school and get a good education to help…

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I live with my grandmother and help her around the house. With your support, I can reach my goals and get a good education.

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I am in kindergarten. With your help as my sponsor, I can get a good education and make a better life for my family.

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I am in kindergarten. I like to draw and read books. Your support will help me stay in school so I can help my family in the future.

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I live with my aunt while my parents are looking for work in another province. I like to read books and look at pictures. Your support as my sponsor will…

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I am in kindergarten. I like to read and help my mom with chores around the house. You can encourage me to do well in school by becoming my sponsor.

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I live with my two sisters and grandparents while my mom and dad work in another province. I like to play with my sisters. As my sponsor, you can encourage…

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I like to read and play with my two sisters. My parents work hard to support us. You can help me get a good education so I can make a…

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My parents had to leave home to find work. My brother, sister, and I live with my grandmother. You can encourage me to do my best in school when you…

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