Pearl S. Buck and Her Civil Rights Legacy

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As part of Martin Luther King Jr. Week 2022, historian R. Scott Bomboy will give a special talk about author and humanitarian Pearl S. Buck’s early efforts to promote civil rights movement, in a virtual event in conjunction with Pearl S. Buck International.

Buck took a public stand against racism shortly before her return to the United States in the mid-1930s and then became a key civil rights supporter in a crucial time in the battle for racial equality. The curated talk will focus on Pearl S. Buck’s relationship with the press between 1934 and 1951 and her advocation for equal rights.

The talk also features a discussion about Buck’s role with National Urban League; her feud with the New York Times in 1941 over an editorial; her landmark Howard University speech in 1942; and Buck’s protests against segregated schools in Washington, D.C. The discussion also will cover parts of the FBI’s dossier on Buck related to her civil rights efforts.

Join us for a stimulating program featuring this newly uncovered civil rights research followed by a Q & A with the speaker and group topic discussions.

Pearl Buck Talk Cancelled The Washington Star

When: Thursday, January 13, 2022, 7-8:30 pm

Where: Virtual program via Zoom

Cost: Free

Registration required to receive Zoom link.

Pearl Buck File Photo 1950s

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Scott Bomboy is a historian based in Perkasie, Pa., and also the Editor in Chief of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. At the Center, he edits the popular Constitution Daily blog, where he writes frequently about constitutional issues. In his journalism career, Bomboy has won five Edward R. Murrow awards and he also received an EdPress award as the managing editor of The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Penn State, and a Masters’ degree in History from Arizona State.