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Eye Examinations and Treatment



Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Beneficiaries:  501 children living in seven orphanages

Background: Vision plays an important role in children’s cognitive, social development and physical appearance. There are many different eye conditions and diseases that can affect a child’s vision. If an eye disease is not detected in time and cured properly, children will encounter many more serious problems. Visual functioning is a strong predictor of academic performance in school-age children, and childhood vision disorders may continue to affect health and well-being throughout the adult years. Therefore, early detection and treatment is important. Children in our orphanages are no exception. With the very limited funding provided by the government to cover 3 meals per day and many other expenses, eye examinations are considered “luxury goods” and therefore, the vast majority of our children have not received any eye exam and treatment. An eye examination and treatment project should be implemented to improve the children’s general health care.

Specific Objectives

  • Detect and cure eye-related problems properly and in time

  • Provide eye hygiene awareness and instructions

  • Provide orphans eye drops, glasses and medicine as necessary

  • Preserve and contribute to children’s confidence, appearance and academic performance through proper eye care