COVID-19 Pandemic Peer Counseling Training Program



Location: Bulacan, Pampanga, Zambales, and Leyte, Philippines

Beneficiaries:550 sponsored children and youths

Background: For many children and youth in the Philippines nowadays, this unexpected global pandemic crisis has been silently changing their psychological well-being. In family letters written by sponsored children, there have been direct and indirect expressions of fear, confusion, and worry that has been leading to anxiety and stress among many of the children. Pearl S. Buck Foundation Philippines staff have observed behavioral changes in some sponsored children in these trying times.

Specific Objectives

  • Create a Peer Counseling Project Training Module

  • Train peer counselors from among Pearl S. Buck Foundation Philippines sponsored children/youth who can listen and speak with their co-sponsored children

  • Equip PSBP’s peer counselors with basic knowledge on coping and psychological first aid in times of crisis, such as a pandemic

  • Provide a specific avenue for sponsored children to express and share their thoughts, concerns, and fears about the current pandemic crisis

  • Help sponsored children/youth understand the current situation (Covid-19 pandemic) and its possible effects and impact on their psychological wellbeing

  • Help sponsored children/youth cope with the challenges of the new norms in our society and world in general brought about by pandemic

  • Regain self-confidence among sponsored children and youth as they prepare to go back to school with the different mode of learning they will encounter there

Project Goal Amount