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Providing School Supply Kits to Disadvantaged Orphans



Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Beneficiaries:  322 school-aged children living in seven orphanages

Background: School supply kits are absolutely essential for each child at the beginning of the academic year. For children, having adequate school supplies can drastically help them feel confident and enhance their academic performance. Many studies show that children having school supplies of their own can improve grades, creativity, attitudes towards learning, behavior, peer relationships and self-image. This is why having adequate school supply kits is so important because being prepared keeps children motivated and excited. If children are equipped with what they need, they will have a better learning experience.

Specific Objectives

  • Ensure the children have adequate supplies for all subject areas

  • Improve the orphans’ confidence and academic performance

  • Raise children’s and communities’ awareness of the importance of school supply kits at school

  • Encourage children to complete tasks and homework and have a positive attitude toward learning