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Sex Education for Young Teens



Location: Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines

Beneficiaries:  50 sponsored adolescents and youths

Background: One of the trends among the sponsored youth in the Pearl S. Buck Foundation Philippines is early engagement in physical relationships, which are resulting in teenage pregnancy. In this context, PSBP believes that proper sex education among its sponsored youth must be given time and importance. This is to help the teens and young adults understand, be aware of, and protect their sexuality and reproductive system. Easy access and exposure to sexual content on the Internet is also contributing to these members of Generation Z to the world of sex and even the sex trade, which is thriving in Angeles City.

Specific Objectives

  • To inform participants and help them understand and be aware of their sexuality and reproduction.

  • To let participants know how to protect their sexuality and reproductive health so they can make wise decisions when it comes to confronting sexual issues and situations.

  • To help participants understand the possible consequences of sex (health issues, pregnancy, having to drop out of school, etc.) and make good, informed decisions to ensure a better future for themselves.

Project Goal Amount




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