Transportation Support for Children with HIV



Location: Center No. 2 (HIV Center), Hanoi, Vietnam

Beneficiaries: 13 children with HIV

Background: Center No.2 provides treatment, shelter, and care for abandoned orphan children with HIV and provides treatment, behavior and dignity education, vocational training and work for drug addicts in Hanoi. Currently, there are 73 orphans from a few months old to 18 years old. In the past, the children could not go to school due to severe discrimination from the community due to their HIV status, but now they have the chance to attend classes in the orphanage or schools in the community like other children. The distance from the orphanage to the schools, however, is at least 4 miles and as many as 11 miles, making it hard for the children to walk or ride their bikes to school, especially in very hot weather, on really cold days, or in heavy rain. The orphanage is in a mountainous area with curving roads and many big trucks, making the road unsafe for the children to walk.

Specific Objectives

  • Help the children to get to school safe and on time

  • Increase time to relax after school and decrease stress caused by walking along dangerous roads

  • Improve the children’s overall health and study results

  • Save travel expenses for the orphanage. The saved funds can be used to support the children in other ways, such as buying more food, clothes, school supplies, equipping deficient facilities, etc.

  • Enhance the quality of life for the children by giving them more time to do other things, such as studying and playing

  • Educate children about the consequences and effects of harmful insects

Project Goal Amount