Intercultural Diversity and Inclusion Training Through the Welcome Workplace Program

Education and Training at Pearl S. Buck International is predicated on and seeks to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in all programming.

Welcome Workplace

What is Welcome Workplace?

Welcome Workplace is Pearl S. Buck International’s comprehensive multi-culturalism, diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant and training program. It is designed to provide strategic planning and education to help schools, businesses, non-profits, law enforcement and organizations establish an environment that embraces diversity and inclusion. It furthers the legacy of Pearl S. Buck by bridging cultures and changing lives.

The major elements of the program include individual and group intercultural assessments to establish a baseline for intercultural competency and a variety of workshops that address issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion including a strategic planning component for organizations.

Certified professional facilitators introduce your staff to the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to ensure cultural awareness and help achieve effective personal relationships that result in improved performance, cooperation, and communication.

Whether you need help addressing an immediate issue or want to proactively build intercultural competency throughout your organization, Welcome Workplace offers solutions that help create awareness and teach skills to improve intercultural competence, shape a more inclusive workplace environment, prepare staff to effectively deal with diverse clientele, mitigate the risk of incidents of intolerance, increase appeal to a wider employee talent pool, and improve your bottom line.

Our training programs are tailor-made and competitively priced to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on our experience, expertise, and flexibility to work with your organization and group.

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Getting Started

Welcome Workplace Introduction—The Guided Development Process

Learn the essentials about Welcome Workplace: its definition, associated skills, behaviors, and attitudes. Review pathways of growth that leads to success and the resulting benefits of developing one’s intercultural competency on an individual, group, or organizational level.

Consulting and Strategic Planning

Consulting provided by certified Welcome Workplace professionals is available to introduce ways to enhance cultural awareness and facilitate diversity and inclusion integration for both individuals and organizations. For organizations who are interested in Strategic Planning for their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion teams to form DEI teams, our facilitators are here to coach and lead using the Welcome Workplace blueprint to apply individual and organizational learning through an accountability team (steering committee) who create a plan with goals, responsibilities and timelines.

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Let me count the ways Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are essential to our world:
  • It is based on the highest notion of being the best we can be as human beings.
  • To utilize the full potential and ingenuity of the American people to solve problems in the world, in business, government, organizations, communities and as individuals.
  • To create the basis for a truly free and democratic society.
  • To manage the multicultural changes already taking shape in the workplace.

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