Methods of Recognizing and Calculating Online Poker Bookie Jackpots

In this post, I want to review the Method of Getting Jackpot in the Game. Without wasting any more time, we just discuss the following post. Bandar Poker is one type of the new Gambling Poker game that emerged in 2016 and is one of the favorite games and is selected by Online Gambling lovers in all of pkv online Indonesia. Basically the Bandar Poker game is almost the same as Online Poker, it’s just inside the table

Bandar Online Poker you can feel the sensation of being a dealer. Which if you become a dealer, you want to have a greater chance of winning than being a player at the game table.


Method of Calculating Jackpots In

Online Poker – Not just a dealer, you also have the opportunity to get a jackpot bonus if your card is listed as a special jackpot card. Because the online Bandar Poker game only uses cards 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A certainly makes it easy for you to get a Jackpot bonus. But provided that you are obliged to buy a Jackpot at a price of Rp. 1,000, – each round of games on the table. The method of buying a jackpot is easy, with the check box of the small box Buy Jackpot For Next Hand, until you have successfully bought the Jackpot for the next round.

Calculating the jackpot bonus you receive when you get a special jackpot card is the percentage of the online poker jackpot bonus multiplied by the total jackpot on the game table as an example at the bottom:


Method of Calculating the Results of Online Poker Bandar Jackpot

  • Royal Flush

The Royal Flush jackpot special card consists of 5 consecutive cards that have the same interest but starts from the 10th card to the US card. Royal Flush Jackpot bonus percentage 80% of the total jackpot on the game table.

  • Straight Flush

The Straight Flush jackpot special card consists of 5 consecutive cards that have the same interest. Percentage of Straight Flush jackpot bonus is 30% of the total jackpot on the game table.

  • Four of Kind

Four Of Kind jackpot special cards consist of 4 cards that have the same value. Jackpot Four Of Kind bonus percentage of 10% of the total jackpot on the game table. If there are 2 players who get a Four of Kind card in 1 round, the winner will be determined with a very large value.

Example of a total Jackpot on the game table: 2. 000. 000, until the bonus jackpot calculation is:

– Royal Flush 80% x 2. 000. 000 = 1. 600. 000

– Straight Flush 30% x 2. 000. 000 = 600,000

– Four Of Kind 10% x 2. 000,000 = 200,000

Method of Calculating Jackpots in Online Poker Bookies – If you want to get a bigger Jackpot bonus, you must sort out the gaming tables that have a large total jackpot as well. Not only the Bandar Poker game, the Jackpot Bonus also exists in the DominoQQ, Capsa Susun and Sakong games.