Fund a Project

Chicken Farm to Promote Healthy Children During Covid-19 – Thailand

Location: Ban Rongkla village, Phitsanulok province, Thailand
Beneficiaries: 30 sponsored children and their families

The sponsored children living in Phitsanulok and their families are poor and make their living through agriculture, including raising free range black bone chicken. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a loss in income for parents, an increase in mental health issues and anxiety in everyone, and not enough money to cover the cost of food for families and education for the children.

Project Goal

By helping these families raise more chickens, a type of work they are familiar with, it will teach them self-reliance, keep them at home and socially distanced to help stop the spread of Covid, provide them with a reliable food source and allow them to sell their extra chickens for added income.

Project Goal Amount


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Specific Objectives

  • Children and families can use the black bone chicken as food supplement
  • Families can increase income and reduce 30% of their expenses per month
  • Create work in the community for children’s families