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“Let Me Climb!” Playground Project–Thailand (This Project Has Been Fully Funded)

Location: Ban Nong Luang village, Mae Ramard District, Tak province, Thailand
Beneficiaries: 200 children

The children living in this remote community have never had an opportunity to climb, jump, move around or experience playing in a playground. In addition, the closing of child development centers and schools for many months due to the Covid-19 pandemic has forced children to stay home,  where they have no activities to keep them busy and active while their parent go to work on the farm. They become vulnerable to becoming unhealthy and sick because of a lack of exercise. For fun, the children play and exercise together by running for fun,  jumping run, playing jumping games with a chain made from rubber bands, and playing with toys made from materials found easily in the local area such as banana tree stems and leaves. But these are not durable, they lack interest and excitement, and cannot enrich and develop good health & immunity in the children.

Project Goal

Provide playground equipment to promote and develop the children’s physical, emotional, and social health through exercise and play. Having a variety of good quality playground equipment will help children be more active, more social, grow stronger, and improve their overall well-being.

Project Goal Amount


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Specific Objectives

  • Raise funds to build a safe, clean, and stimulating playground
  • Promote interaction and socialization through play to benefit the mental and emotional well-being of the children
  • Promote physical health, stronger bodies, and better immunity through play and exercise.