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Protecting Orphans from School Violence – Vietnam

Location: Vietnam
Beneficiaries: 492 children living in orphanages

In the past, school violence was thought of as a very distant, uncommon problem; hence people are also not aware of the influence and serious consequences of this phenomenon. However, recently it has become a hot issue and the problem often takes place in schools at all levels, from Primary, Middle School, High School to even University. The children living in the orphanage are particularly vulnerable to school violence—because of their difficult living conditions, orphans can be easily discriminated against, treated unfairly by their friends, or even reviled.

Project Goal

Raise awareness about the causes of and dangers of school violence, and equip children with the skills, knowledge, and information necessary to control their emotions, resolve conflict, communicate better, and protect themselves from bad behaviors at school.

Project Goal Amount


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Specific Objectives

  • Develop children’s physical and mental development
  • Educate children on how to communicate with each other and resolve conflict
  • Raise awareness about how to avoid and prevent situations of school violence