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Protecting Orphans in the Digital World–Vietnam (This project has been fully funded)

Location: Vietnam
Beneficiaries: 322 school-aged children living in seven orphanages

Global access to the internet has its pros and cons, and there are various potential challenges to the well-being of people and society, including cyber-bullying, trolling, misinformation, and damaging websites including pornography, gambling, and radicalized extremist propaganda. The final disadvantage of the digital world is others being able to access your personal data. There are various malicious computer hackers that can steal users’ personal information and hack accounts, which can be used for identity theft and lead to many further serious problems.

There is the large number of children in the seven orphanages who have daily access to the internet. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, online studying has become popular. Children are encouraged to use the internet for research because they understand it better and they can find detailed information on any topic. However, children are also a vulnerable group who are easily affected by the detrimental impacts of the internet. The consequences impact not only orphans’ learning but also their general health development.

Project Goal

To guide children clearly to prevent bad situations in the digital world and improve their digital information skills in order to enhance their ability to use the internet as a learning and research tool and a safe and healthy form of entertainment.

Project Goal Amount


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Specific Objectives

  • Teach the children how to protect themselves and others from the digital world
  • Enable the children to know how to find accurate information and knowledge and use the internet safely and effectively
  • Raise awareness in the children and community about the benefits as well as the drawbacks of the internet