Fund a Project

Summer Toys, Games, and Sports Equipment for Disadvantaged Orphans–Vietnam (This project has been fully funded)

Location: Vietnam
Beneficiaries: 1,000 children living in orphanages

Due to a reemergence of Covid-19 in Vietnam, the disadvantaged children living in the orphanages are not allowed to go to school as usual. The majority of children are in the middle of their summer holiday and therefore, have a lot of free time, but they are quarantined. For this reason, it is necessary to provide things and hold exciting activities for the orphans during this time of quarantine. Although the housemothers always try their best to hold games and activities for the children, they still lack of equipment. Hence, providing essential toys such as balls, Legos or Rubik’s Cubes will certainly bring children relaxing time with their foster siblings. In addition, disadvantaged children can exercise to improve their health and increase their strength to prevent Covid-19 infection but lack the equipment for playing games and sports.

Project Goal

Provide summer fun and activity through games, toys, and sports equipment to promote physical and emotional well-being of disadvantaged orphanages while under Covid-19 quarantine.

Project Goal Amount


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Specific Objectives

  • Make children more active, athletic, and energetic
  • Improve the health and physical and mental well-being of the children through sports and games
  • Teach children coordination, teamwork, and other skills