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Your dedication to the mission of Pearl S. Buck International is so important. Your generosity is instrumental in helping children in need become successful young adults and break the bonds of poverty that have hindered their families for generations.

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Continuing Pearl Buck’s Humanitarian Legacy in Korea

Long History of Serving Multicultural Families

Bucheon City, Korea, has long had strong ties to Pearl S. Buck, who began helping multicultural families there back in the 1960s. Today, Pearl S. Buck Foundation Korea has its headquarters in Bucheon, where they continue the work and legacy of Pearl Buck to this day.

Pearl S. Buck Foundation Korea serves a multi-cultural population who face many obstacles, mainly migrant women, married to Korean men, with biracial children. The programs and services the organization offers include medical support and dental treatment, educational and scholarship opportunities, multicultural festivals, empowerment programs, provision of food and emergency support, legal services, summer camps, and family enrichment and cultural excursions.

Honoring Pearl Buck’s Legacy

As multicultural households increase dramatically, the Korean government has taken diverse measures to recognize foreign cultures. One of the significant developments has been a growing interest in Pearl Buck by the people of Bucheon City. Pearl Buck established original operations in Bucheon back in 1965 and is the site of the Pearl S. Buck Memorial Hall. Bucheon is a cultural city with a vibrant manufacturing industry and, therefore, many imported laborers and multicultural families. To encourage an appreciation of diversity, a bronze statue of Pearl S. Buck and a little girl sitting on a bench was unveiled at a railroad station plaza; it was the winner of a design competition, with the goal of spreading and enhancing awareness of the legacy of Pearl Buck. Plans are also in development to expand the Pearl Buck Memorial Hall and build a larger park surrounding it.

Helping Vulnerable Children

A special initiative of the Foundation is the “Core People-Future Dream” project to improve the learning and emotional abilities of 25 multicultural youth from the most vulnerable families. This program promotes the holistic development of a healthy identity and dedicated scholarship. The project uses various measurement methods including pre- and post-comparison, interviews with the family and school personnel for project performance, and evaluation. It is a remarkable project in terms of systemic implementation, evaluation, and management.

Pearl S. Buck Foundation Korea is dedicated to continuing the legacy and spirit of love which Pearl Buck left behind. The Foundation is grateful for the support of donors as they continue her humanitarian work.

Mission Matters

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Pearl Buck’s Legacy Lives on in Korea

Mission Matters


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Mission Matters


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