Mission Matters

Your dedication to the mission of Pearl S. Buck International is so important. Your generosity is instrumental in helping children in need become successful young adults and break the bonds of poverty that have hindered their families for generations.

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Another Year of Supporting New Immigrant Families in Taiwan

Immigrant Families in Taiwan facing COVID

Pearl S. Buck Foundation Taiwan, Taipei has continued to offer excellent service and care to multicultural families in need in 2020 even though they, like the rest of the world, had many hardships and hurdles to overcome.
With the rise of COVID-19 cases in the country, Pearl S. Buck Foundation Taiwan, Taipei rolled out a pandemic control response to help the sponsored families they support, especially those who had recently traveled outside of the country. The goal of this program was to inform the families of the measures they needed to take to keep themselves and others safe and help them deal with the ongoing health and financial effects of the coronavirus. The annual Lunar New Year celebration was cancelled and a smaller event was planned with proper social distancing. The Foundation handed out vouchers for families to enjoy a meal at participating restaurants, gave out red envelopes with monetary gifts, and distributed scholarships and grants.

Educating the Public about the Plight of the Immigrant Child

The most successful project that Pearl S. Buck Foundation Taiwan, Taipei had this year was an exhibit about the life of new immigrant children, who are the children of one immigrant parent and one Taiwanese parent. These children are often subject to prejudices and stereotypes that have a negative impact on their psychological wellbeing. Six high school immigrant children created and curated an exhibit that documented the plight of the new immigrant child growing up in Taiwan with the stresses they face in their communities today. The exhibit was shown in person for two weeks, attracting over 9,00 visitors and was then virtual for three months. It was publicized on social media and was picked up by local media. Virtually, the exhibit reached over 106,000 people.

Helping Immigrant Families Stay Healthy

Another service that PSBF Taiwan, Taipei offered this year was training healthcare service interpreters to help new immigrants in filling out paperwork during hospital or doctor’s visits and help with communication with doctors. PSBF Taiwan, Taipei also partnered with Citi Foundation to offer financial education courses to parents and children to teach them about fiscal responsibility. Parenting workshops were conducted to help parents navigate raising their children as a new immigrant family. New immigrants were also trained to be cultural diversity ambassadors to educate people about different cultures.

Many Thanks to Supporters and Donors

Pearl S. Buck Foundation Taiwan, Taipei is grateful for all the assistance provided by Pearl S. Buck International supporters and donors and looks forward to continuing its important outreach to new immigrant families and furthering the Pearl S. Buck International mission of bridging cultures and changing lives.

Mission Matters

Taipei, Taiwan

November 2020

Another Year of Helping Immigrant Families in Taiwan

Mission Matters


October 2020

Providing Clean Water in Thailand

Mission Matters

Chongshi Girls School, Zhenjiang, China

September 2020

Students Continue to Succeed Despite Pandemic

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