Mission Matters

Your dedication to the mission of Pearl S. Buck International is so important. Your generosity is instrumental in helping children in need become successful young adults and break the bonds of poverty that have hindered their families for generations.

Please enjoy the Success Stories and Program Updates below to see how you are changing lives.


The Road to Success

Philippines In-Country Sponsorship Helps Students Graduate College

Thanks to the generosity of in-country child sponsors, two young women who aspired to complete their college educations were able to—Georgette earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Financial Management and Chavelita completed her Bachelor’s in Industrial Technology and Food Services. Both young ladies graduated from Bulacan State University.

Chavelita’s Journey to Success

Chavelita, fondly called “Chave” by all her family and friends, has been a sponsored child since she was in elementary school. Her sponsor is one of the pioneers of Pearl S. Buck Foundation Philippines, Inc. (PSBP), Marilyn F. Manuel, who is now President of the Foundation. Chave has three older siblings and both of her parents are active volunteers in their community. Since they are volunteers, however, neither of them has a regular or fixed income, which made it difficult for them to continue financing Chave’s education. Thanks to the support of her sponsor and PSBP’s In-Country Sponsorship Program, however, Chave was able to graduate, which will enable her to start a career and contribute to helping her own family. Chave and her entire family are grateful to Ms. Manuel’s educational sponsorship.

According to Chave, she is now looking forward to achieving her big dream, which is to become a successful chef. She knows that the road to her greater success is yet to come and she is ready and willing to make that journey despite any hindrances or difficulties along the way. Having the tools now to build a brighter future for herself and her family thanks to her child sponsor, she knows she can face any challenge head-on.

Georgette’s Path to a Better Life

Georgette, the second young lady, was close to having to drop out of college because she couldn’t afford to continue her education. Knowing that earning a degree and finding a good job were going to be the key to Georgette lifting herself and her family out of poverty, PSBP’s outgoing President, Prof. Elizabeth Lorenzana-Diaz, found an in-country child sponsor to enable Georgette to finish school. Armed with her new degree, Georgette now has the chance to change her future for the better through employment at her sponsor’s own company in Manila.

The generosity of child sponsors truly changes lives of children such as Chave and Georgette every day. Thank you to all our child sponsors for everything you do to bridge cultures and change lives!

Mission Matters

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The Road to Success

Mission Matters

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Mission Matters

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