Mission Matters

Your dedication to the mission of Pearl S. Buck International is so important. Your generosity is instrumental in helping children in need become successful young adults and break the bonds of poverty that have hindered their families for generations.

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Students in China Continue to Study Despite the Pandemic

Succeeding in a New World

It has been an unusual year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for the students attending Chongshi Girls School in Zhenjiang. Even though the global pandemic forced the school to teach classes remotely, however, the girls still worked very hard and had a good year. They studied hard and adapted well to the online classroom. To help alleviate some stress the school has encouraged the girls to read more books, especially books by Pearl S. Buck and books about strong women in history. A Read and Share book club was started, and the girls have been encouraged to share their thoughts about books they have read.

Putting Mental and Physical Health First

The school is focusing on the physical health of the students by encouraging each girl to participate in sports activities such as yoga, floor hockey, and kick boxing. The school has implemented the mantra “Health First”. The motto “Exercise one hour, work fifty years healthily, live happily ever after” is told to the girls to reinforce that exercise is key to a long and healthy life.
Emotional health is also a priority for the students, especially during these trying times of living through this global pandemic virus. The students have been encouraged to live the core legacy of Pearl S. Buck by supporting each other. Teamwork is promoted with activities such as “Singing in May” and “Youth Ceremony” where the girls celebrate each other.

Education Outside of the Classroom

As part of the girls’ education outside of the classroom, Chongshi Girls School participates in an exchange program that enriches the student’s lives by broadening their minds and helping them develop better communication and language skills. The girls have visited the United States, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Thank You!

The Chongshi Girls School students are looking forward to a new school year and the hope and success it will bring. Thank you to all the sponsors and donors who support these girls in their educational efforts. Your kindness is truly appreciated!

Mission Matters

Chongshi Girls School, Zhenjiang, China

September 2020

Students Continue to Succeed Despite Pandemic

Mission Matters


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Mission Matters


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