Mission Matters

Your dedication to the mission of Pearl S. Buck International is so important. Your generosity is instrumental in helping children in need become successful young adults and break the bonds of poverty that have hindered their families for generations.

Please enjoy the Success Stories and Program Updates below to see how you are changing lives.


From Poverty to a Nursing Scholarship

Despite hard beginnings, Nitaya has grown to be a role model of success for the children in the Pearl S. Buck Foundation Thailand child sponsorship program.

Struggles with Poverty

Growing up, Nitaya and her family struggled with extreme poverty. They had so little income that they lived in a small hut with only a leaf roof. Her father died when she was five months old, and her mother and eldest brother were the only sources of income. Due to her mother’s disability from hurting her leg in a fall years ago and brother’s lack of education, the work they could do was limited and sporadic. The family ate mainly rice, and many years did not have enough of it to eat.

Sponsorship Changes Everything

Things improved thanks to the generosity of Nitaya’s child sponsor. Nitaya and her family received counseling, as well as healthcare and education advice, from Pearl S. Buck Foundation Thailand. Nitaya received school supplies and uniforms, allowing her to stay in school. She was able to make her education a priority and not have to drop out to help support her family. Because her family didn’t have to worry about spending precious financial resources on school, the little money they earned could go toward living costs, medical care, and growing extra rice and corn as an additional source of income.

Thanks to the child sponsorship program, Nitaya and her family also learned about proper nutrition and started growing vegetables such as pumpkins, peas, Chinese cabbage, and tomatoes. They began raising pigs and chickens as a source of food as well.

The Gift of Education

Thanks to generous support from her child sponsor, Nitaya was able to complete high school. She studied hard, got good grades, and passed the entrance exam to study nursing in college. She received a scholarship and financial support from her college because she was able to devote herself to her studies. She has completed her first year there, and if she graduates, there will be a nursing job waiting for her. Her dream is to take care of her mother and her family by earning enough money to build them a new home.

Before she was in the child sponsorship program, Nitaya and her family’s future was bleak. Thanks to the generous support and kindness of her sponsor, Nitaya was able to remain in school and forge a path toward a nursing career. She no longer dreams of having enough food to eat, but of caring for her family and building a brighter future for them and herself. She is so appreciative and thankful for the love and support shown to her by her sponsor, which gave her the leg up needed to change her family’s path for the better.

Mission Matters


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The Gift of Education

Mission Matters


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Mission Matters


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