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Feeling and Returning Kindness

May, 2017

As a college student who graduated from Zhenjiang Chongshi Girls’ High School, Huimin is a testament to the power of the Pearl S. Buck
International Child Sponsorship Program in China. In her own words, “I received so much care during my high school years—being sponsored by warmhearted Americans through the Pearl S. Buck Institution, helped by teachers and supported by my parents—that I can’t find words powerful enough to express my gratitude.”

Huimin remembers the first time she stood in the classroom adjusting herself to her new life in high school. At that time, she was very worried about the tuition payments for high school. In China, families must pay tuition for students in grades 10–12. This is why many students from rural families do not have the opportunity to graduate from high school. Huimin was from a family in a rural area of Zhenjiang
with a very low income, so she was an “at-risk” student.

Overwhelmed by the news from her teacher that she could apply for Child Sponsorship through Pearl S. Buck International, she knew that this was the opportunity she needed more than ever. Above all, she believed life would be better, because she was not alone! There
were people concerned and trying to help her in China and in the United States.

Huimin finished three years of school life with the help of her teachers, Child Sponsor and Pearl S. Buck International. She was admitted to  Huaiyin Normal College. Now student loans and scholarships are able to help her. She recalls feeling as if she had become a butterfly from a caterpillar and, though her wings were still in the process of growing stronger, she believed that she could overcome any difficulty met in life.

She joined the Social Work Association, which helps the elderly, at her college and started visiting nursing homes and chatting with elderly people. She even put on performances for them, singing and dancing. Sometimes she read books to them. In all she does, her hope is to help others feel the kindness that she was given and to pass on the love she received when she was down in life.

With two more years to finish her college education, her dream is to become a teacher, for she knows how much a teacher can impact the
lives of students. Although she has a long way to go before her dream is realized, the important life lesson of helping others and giving back is a part of her forever.

Huimin, another Child Sponsorship Success Story