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Dancing with a Dream

June, 2017

Peejay is always in the mood for dancing. He is gifted with one of the multiple intelligences of a human being called “bodily-kinesthetic”. People with kinesthetic intelligence love movement. As a talented dancer, Peejay was a former member of a dance group at Eastern Visayas State University in Ormoc, Leyte. At that time, he was the paid choreographer of the group which helped him to sustain his college education.

After graduation in April 2016, with a degree in physical education, Peejay was one of 31,334 (34%) out of 92,574 examinees who passed the licensure examination for teachers. This talented young man is now a professional teacher at Albuera Private High School located at Albuera, Leyte. He currently teaches music, arts, physical education and health at the secondary level.

The youngest of four siblings, he grew up with a family income of $65 a month. His mother was a housewife and his father a community watchman. Raising four children with such a low income, which didn’t cover the family’s basic needs, made the Pearl S. Buck International Child Sponsorship program very significant to the family.

As a result of the support of his Child Sponsor,Peejay was able to stay in school and thrive through elementary, high school and college. College would have been impossible for him to afford, so his long time Child Sponsor paid his tuition fees. During his graduation rites, Peejay told Pearl S. Buck staff in the Philippines that he sincerely remembered and thought of his Sponsor as he stepped on the stage, took his diploma and turned his tassel.

Today, Peejay would like to take this chance to express his wholehearted and sincere gratitude to his Sponsor, Carolynne. Though he has never met his Sponsor or even saw a photograph of her, he believes that she is a beautiful person inside and out. He created in his mind and heart what his Sponsor looks like—and what he vividly created is a beautiful person.

As a student, Peejay experienced many hardships to be able to survive in his education. His inspiration was his Child Sponsor and the dream that one day he would give his family a good life, especially his father and mother who were growing old.

Peejay is on his way now in reaching his dream. After passing the licensure examination for teachers, he is now enjoying his profession. As a young teacher, he already started to help his family—and his father just retired from being a community watchman. His dream of teaching and giving his family a good life is happening. Now Peejay is dancing through life with gratitude and happiness.

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