Pathway to a Welcome Workplace

Diversity and Inclusion Training


Make the commitment to become and sustain a Welcome Workplace through intercultural diversity and inclusion training.

Welcome Workplace is a cross-cultural competency program designed to help schools, businesses, and organizations establish an environment that embraces diversity and inclusion.

Certified facilitators introduce your staff to the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to ensure cultural awareness and help achieve effective personal relationships that result in improved performance, cooperation, and communication.

Whether you need help addressing an immediate issue or want to proactively build intercultural competency throughout your organization, Welcome Workplace offers solutions that help create awareness and teach skills to improve intercultural competence, shape a more inclusive workplace environment, prepare staff to effectively deal with diverse clientele, mitigate the risk of incidents of intolerance, increase appeal to a wider employee talent pool, and improve your bottom line

Review the Pathway to a Welcome Workplace Menu of Services below; then, contact Laura Kauffman at to learn more about how to get started.

Menu of Services


Getting Started Package*

Learn the essentials about a Welcome Workplace: its definition, associated skills, behaviors, and attitudes, components of the pathway to success, and the resulting benefits

2-hour session

After the introduction, gain an understanding of intercultural competency at the individual and organizational levels through a research-based inventory followed by a debriefing of results. Welcome Workplace will then help you identify opportunities and develop a plan for individual and organizational growth in skills, behaviors, and attitudes to build intercultural competency.

This will include a pre-assessment overview of the process and a post-assessment group results debrief.

Individual Assessment

Individual 1:1 Feedback Session (up to 1 hour)

* It is recommended that the “Getting Started Package” precede all other training.

Professional Development Options

Creating Foundational Understanding (Leadership OR Staff)
Grasp the case for diversity and inclusion, learn core concepts and key vocabulary of “cultures” and review pathways of growth that leads to success

2-hour interactive workshop

Building Knowledge
Build upon foundational learning with additional tools for continued development in intercultural competencies: self-awareness, curiosity, communications, and empathy through introducing best practices and principles

20 hours delivered in multiple sessions of instruction and facilitation

Taking Action
Develop a Welcome Workplace blueprint to apply individual and organizational learning through an accountability team (steering committee) who create a plan with goals, responsibilities, and timelines

9 hours of facilitation, coaching, and consulting

Sustaining Growth
Guide ongoing learning by developing and implementing an organizational change process that focuses on leveraging diversity to improve emotional intelligence, conflict management, and overall team effectiveness

8 hours of facilitation, coaching, and consulting

Continuous Learning Options

Continue the learning process through the comprehensive list of Welcome Workplace workshops to build and sustain a diverse and inclusive workforce focused on developing both the individual and group intercultural competencies.

2-hour workshops

Compliance and Risk Management
Go beyond affirmative action and valuing differences to understanding the strategic imperative for managing diversity as a means to achieving organizational goals

Changing Demographics: Community to Classroom
Explore the ever-changing population dynamics that impact the changing community, classroom and workplace

Building Intercultural Competence with Humility
Apply Intercultural humility is a framework for improving cultural proficiency and outcomes through self-reflection, interacting effectively with others, recognizing power imbalances and encouraging institutional accountability

Organizational Culture and Shared Language
Learn terminology that is fundamental to effective communication and a shared mental model necessary for a cohesive organization

Emotional Intelligence and Diversity
Learn the skills to effectively navigate differences while managing your emotions, building intercultural literacy and an effective team in an ever increasing diverse workforce and community

Cross Cultural Communication
Examine verbal and nonverbal communication styles across different groups, such as age, gender, ethnicity, and working style

Difficult Dialogue
Words matter. Learn how to navigate challenging conversations, planned and unplanned, with principles and practices that mitigate conflict and lead to win-win results

Generation XYZ
Define the range of identifies across generations and examine how to bridge the gaps for optimal performance in today’s workforce

Identity and Orientation
Learn the nuances of identity and orientation and how they form the basis of one’s self perception and social identity

Biases: Conscious and Implicit
Explore stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination as forms of bias while learning to recognize and manage these unconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviors

* It is recommended that the “Getting Started Package” precedes all other training.

Consulting and Coaching

Consulting and coaching provided by certified professionals is available to introduce ways to enhance cultural awareness and facilitate diversity and inclusion integration for both individuals and organizations.


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Pearl S. Buck International, Inc. is a wonderful organization that does great things to help promote tolerance worldwide.

Review on Great Nonprofits

This training was extremely informative and thought provoking. Laura and Jaimie were able to present the information in a very positive and proactive manner that resonated with all those who attended.

J. Scott Bendig, Chief of Police, Montgomery Township Police Department

Great workshop. I hope this is only the beginning and hope there will be many more conversations addressing these issues.

Workshop Feedback, Central Bucks School District