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A Year of Helping Children in Kenya

Ogada Girls Thumbs Up

December marks one year since Pearl S. Buck International announced its partnership with two Montgomery County-based mission-oriented entities—the non-profit charity Chariots for Hope and Bethlehem Baptist Church in Spring House, whose senior pastor, the Reverend Charles W. Quann, is a Pearl S. Buck International Board member—to extend our international outreach to children in need living in Ogada Children’s Home in Kenya. In that year, thanks to the generous support of child sponsors and project donors, Pearl S. Buck International began child sponsorships, raised funds for a playground for the children, and began raising the money needed to buy and install solar inverters to serve as a backup power source for office equipment and security measures at the children’s home.

Preparing for University

The staff at Ogada continues to guide and support the children living in the home and help them prepare for life once they leave. There are currently about 90 children at Ogada and nearly all are sponsored. At the end of June, Chariots for Hope organized a retreat for 14 of their students from their six children’s homes, including two from Ogada, who were going to be starting university. During this time, the students met with guest speakers to be better prepared and equipped as they go into university. The program was a mix of indoor sessions that focused on knowing oneself better, career planning, the labels that people place on each other, and leadership. This program was also infused with some fun outdoor team-building exercises. The students had a lot of fun as well as received practical tools they can carry with them to their university experience.

Esteem Building for Students

Those children who were heading to high school completed the Gallup Strengths Explorer assessment. It gave them their top three talents or personal strengths. The children really enjoyed this and it boosted their self-esteem as they became more self-aware. The students were encouraged to continue thinking critically as they entered high school at the end of July.

Giving Back

In October, the children had a short break between their school terms. Some alumni visited the home for a day, encouraging staff and children and donating clothes and other necessities. Ogada’s Annual Home Health Assessment was performed by Chariots for Hope leadership as well—this tool measures the home environment and how well the home is doing in providing holistic care for the children.

Thank you!

Thank you to all our supporters for your generosity and kindness in extending Pearl Buck’s legacy of bridging cultures and changing lives to the children living at Ogada Children’s Home, and for making this first year of partnership with Chariots for Hope a success.

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