Writing Center

In keeping with the literary legacy of Pearl S. Buck, the Pearl S. Buck Writing Center, organized and run by the Pearl S. Buck Volunteer Association, offers writing classes and book discussion groups.

The Pearl S. Buck Writing Center has produced 15 books, including novels, autobiographies, short story collections, essays, poetry, memoirs, and children’s books.  Publishing by the Pearl S. Buck Writing Center Press [PSB – WCP, Perkasie PA] is available to writers of every genre—our books are available on Amazon and in selected bookstores.

Writing Classes and Workshops 2024

Fee and Registration Required

Registration Fees for all PSB Writing Center Classes, Zoom Webinars, Discussions, programs, etc. are Non-Refundable unless the class or workshop is cancelled

Writer's Guild (virtual)

3rd Sundays, March 17 - October 20
1-3 pm

The Pearl S. Buck Writing Center’s 2024 Writers Guild will zoom meet on the 3rd Sundays, monthly from March 17th through October 20th, from 1-3 to share and critique our writing works-in-progress. In a friendly atmosphere, we encourage, support and challenge our adult writers to improve, whether they are experienced writers or beginners. All genres of literature are welcome from novels and short fiction to memoirs, essays and poetry by all levels of writers. 

Meetings will be:

March 17th
April 21th
May 19th
June 23rd (4th Sun this month only)
July 21st
August 18
September 15th
October 20th

Registered Guild members must send writings via email for editing consideration and distribution to lindadonaldson@verizon.net 2 weeks prior to each meeting. Please identify your writing with your name and email address. Linda Donaldson will forward all the submitted Word documents as attachments to the group. This will enable all members to read and be prepared to discuss at our next upcoming Zoom meeting. 

A Zoom link will be sent to registrants prior to the Sunday afternoon of the Zoom meeting. 

$80 registration fee

To register, please call 215-249-0100 x159.


Memoir Writing Class: Writing Ourselves, Finding Our Truth (virtual)

Zoom Class
Spring Series:
Mondays, 7-9 pm
March 4 - April 8

Fall Series
Wednesdays, 1-3 pm
September 4 - October 9

In her autobiography My Several Worlds: A Personal Record,  Pearl Buck wrote “… there is no such condition in human affairs as absolute truth. There is only truth as people see it, and truth, even in fact, may be kaleidoscopic in its variety.”

Find your own personal truth in this Zoom class as we write the stories of our lives for publication, for our families and for ourselves. Whatever your goal, you will learn to write with purpose and clarity and organize your life experiences for sharing or safekeeping.

Each class will cover a topic related to memoirs and include short readings from modern memoirs, time for writing, and feedback.

$200 registration fee

Please call Nancy McElwee at 215-249-0100 ext 159 to process your payment.

Book Discussion Groups—Complimentary Virtual - Zoom


Book Discussion Group

3rd Mondays, 7-8:30 pm
January 15 - April 15

January 15 = When Pearl Buck won the Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes, very little was known about her. Her 2nd husband & editor, Richard Walsh, wanted an accurate biography released about her. He wrote an Introduction to Pearl S. Buck and included it in her 1933 Anthology of 27 Stories. [Cindy can provide a copy of Richard's article]. Who could know PSB better? 5 short pages jam-packed w/facts about Pearl’s early life in China, family life & influences, origins of Pearl’s ideas & interests. Richard also quotes many of Pearl’s own memories. In addition, he asked Pearl’s sister, Grace Sydenstricker, to also write Pearl’s biography using a pen name, Cornelia Spencer, Revealing the Human Heart. Grace/Cornelia’s short biography is filled w/memories of personal conversations, many personal letters, many family and friend’s conversations. She also includes memories of their mother, Caroline Maude “Carie” Stulting Sydenstricker and gives background material on many of Pearl’s writings. Who could know PSB better?

February 19 = Pearl's 1944 novel about the building of the Burma Road, The Promise. This is the sequel to Dragon Seed, and follows Ling Tan's youngest son, “Sheng” and Mayli’s love story during the fighting against the Japanese soon after Nanjing. While this is a book about war, Ms. Buck leaves out heavy politics and focuses on China’s most elite troops and their day-to-day survival. Built by more than 200,000 Chinese and Burmese laborers, more than 90,000 forced Asian laboring civilians, and 16,000 POWs died in the 1937-38 desperate building of the 717-mile-long supply Burma Road through mountains and jungles, to link Burma/Myanmar w/southwest China. [Cindy has an extra book for sale] 

March 18 = Virginia Westervelt's Pearl Buck, A fictional Biographical Novel, 1979. According to the book cover, Westervelt has done her research and pulls no punches delving into “all sides of this complex woman’s life … deep love of her mother; her two marriages, her brilliant writing career… her constant concern for those victims of war, the unwanted Amerasian children, several of whom she adopted herself [from the Pearl Buck Foundation] …. The portrait that emerges is of a full-blooded person, loving and lovable, stubborn, and proud. Admirers and detractors alike will quickly lose themselves in this unforgettable biography.” 

April 15 = Pearl's1938 novel, Other Gods, An American Legend/Charles Lindbergh. “In this novel Pearl studies, the phenomenon and ramifications of hero worship… influenced by the Charles Lindbergh flight, Buck focuses attention on a young American truck mechanic expedition in the Himalayas, leaves his work and climbs solo to the top. A whirlwind romance and marriage, adulation from the American public & then the world – will the marriage survive? “Buck states that she is fascinated w/the problems faced by individuals who have been elevated by their fellowmen to a godlike status.” Much of the novel is seen through the wife’s eyes. 


Short Stories Book Discussion Group

2nd Tuesdays, 10 - 11:30 am
March 12 - October 8

Fans of the short stories of Pearl S. Buck will once again have the opportunity to participate in discussions to be held on the second Tuesday of each month from 10 to 11:30 a.m. via Zoom. Led by Dr. Carol Breslin, Ph.D. , professor emerita of English at Gwynedd Mercy University, the sessions will run from March 12 through October 8. The text for the 2024 series is East and West: Stories by Pearl S. Buck, published by The John Day Company in 1975.

Writing Center Registration

To register for any Writing Center event or for more information, contact 215-249-0100 x159.