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David Ourma Onyango E1617643858495

Hello, My Name is David

I live in

I am

After my father died and my mother remarried I lived with several different relatives until I ended up at the Ogada Children’s home. I am in the 8th grade and thriving. Your support will help me get through school and find a good job.

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How Sponsorship Helps

Your sponsorship dollars are used to provide life-changing support for your sponsored child. Aid is facilitated by our overseas offices who provide services based on your child's particular needs. 


Healthcare, nutrition, hygiene, and reproductive health training


Transportation, meals, school supplies, books, uniforms, bags, ect.

Psycho Social

In-home and at-school emotional family support

Sponsoring a Child in

Political map of Kenya with capital Nairobi, national borders, most important cities, rivers and lakes. Vector illustration with English labeling and scaling.

Pearl S. Buck International partners with Chariots for Hope, a US-based non-profit organization, to help improve the lives of children who live in orphanages in Kenya, specifically the Ogada Children's Home in Kisumu. Child Sponsorship in Kenya not only supports the costs for educating students living in the Ogada Children's Home but provides them with a nurturing and safe environment that fosters physical and emotional growth by giving the children much-needed healthcare, nutritious meals, and emotional support.

"Our treasure is in our children, for in them is our future."

- Pearl S. Buck