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I am a Hmong hill tribe boy. I am in the fourth grade. I like playing soccer and I also raise chickens. Your sponsorship will help me stay in school…

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I am in the fourth grade and I like playing basketball and baseball with my friends. I would like to be a teacher when I grow up. Your sponsorship will…

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I like to play with my friends. Your support will help me do well in school and find a path out of poverty.

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I love to learn and go to school. I dream of becoming a doctor. You can help me achieve my dreams by sponsoring me.

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I am a fourth-grader and I like to read, play with my friends, and help do chores around the house. I would like to be a policeman someday. You can…

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I am a fourth-grader and I love to play games with my friends and help my mom cook. I want to be a sailor when I grow up. You can…

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