Anh Thu

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I like to color and draw pictures. I also like to help my housemothers with simple chores. Your sponsorship will help me receive my HIV medication as well and help…

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I live with my grandmother and little brother. I like to go to school and play with my friends. My favorite subject is Thai. I want to be a soldier…

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I am in kindergarten. I like to read books and play with my sister and brothers. Your support will give me the tools I need to be successful in life.

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I live with my neighbors while my parents work in a different province. As my sponsor, You can help me go to school and get a good education to help…

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I like to read and play with my two sisters. My parents work hard to support us. You can help me get a good education so I can make a…

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I am in kindergarten. I like to play with my brother and sisters and draw pictures. Your support will help me get a good education.

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I am in kindergarten. I like to draw and read. My parents pick fruit and grow crops. You can help me have a better life when you sponsor me.

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My parents work long hours to support me and my brothers.  My older brother takes care of me while they are working. I like to read and go to school.…

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