Covid Appeal for Vietnam

Thank You For Helping

Thank you for choosing to give extra help to your sponsored child and the other orphans in these turbulent times. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, the children living in the orphanages served by Pearl S. Buck International Vietnam find themselves under another country-wide lockdown, with school closures, a lack of government financial support, and a shortage of necessities.

Perhaps the most dire situation the children currently face is that as the food supply becomes more scarce, food prices have skyrocketed, meaning the orphanages cannot buy food as often for the children, and when they do, it is not fresh or good quality.

Your $30 gift will provide the orphanage the ability to keep your sponsored child and the other orphans safe and fed—and with better quality, fresher food. In the words of Pearl S. Buck, “We must have hope or starve to death.” Your gift will not only nourish their bodies but will also give them hope that they will be ok—that this too shall pass. It will remind them they have a friend on the other side of the world who is aware of their plight and who wants to help. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated by your sponsored child and all the orphans served by Pearl S. Buck International Vietnam.