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Emergency Covid-19 Support to Families in Thailand

UBR Provide Face Masks To Sponsored Children & Family 1

For more than a year and a half, Pearl S. Buck Foundation Thailand’s program operations have continued to be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Over that time, PSBFT staff consulted with community leaders, teachers, health volunteers, and families on how to protect children, families, and communities from Covid-19. It was determined that there was a dire need for emergency support in the face of the impact of this global crisis.

PSBFT reached out to Pearl S. Buck International child sponsors and donors, asking for help to fund several emergency projects to assist the children and families. As they always do, those sponsors and donors responded generously in the face of immense need.

Fulfilling Needs of Sponsored Families

Pearl S. Buck Foundation Thailand staff and volunteers visited 206 families and delivered the first batch of urgently needed masks, thermometers, and hand sanitizer. The subsequent help included giving almost 4,000 masks to children and families in Mae Ramard, Ubon Ratchathani, and Phitsanulok affected by Covid infection, leading hygiene training on how to wear the masks when out in public, and teaching how to cook new foods. Children and families were educated about the importance of social distancing in public and while eating, avoiding crowded places, and how to properly wash their hands to be clean of germs and infection. They were also reminded to see a doctor or go to the hospital in the case of serious symptoms or sickness.

PSBFT staff conducted a survey and found that many sponsored families were affected by and suffered directly from the pandemic and were in need of emergency assistance. 140 needy families were provided bags containing rice, dried fish, eggs, sauces, fish cans, vegetable oil, milk boxes, fruits, and chicken. This target group learned about the health benefits of eating cooked, nutritious foods. The children were happy to learn how to cook and enjoyed eating together with their families.

Many Thanks for your Support

Thanks to the generous support of child sponsors and donors, these projects were a success. Everyone received face masks and advice on what Covid-19 symptoms are. They learned how to take care of themselves and change their behaviors to be healthy and safe from Covid-19. After attending the training, children and families said they will look after their other family members as well and share what they learned. The bags of nutritious food showed these families that there are people out there who care about them, who believe they are worth helping and gave them hope to get through a troublesome situation. The food will make them healthier and stronger, and cooking and eating it together will help build up good relationships within families. The sponsored children and their families are so thankful for the many kindhearted donors who helped them have better health and live more safely during this pandemic period.

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