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From Vulnerable Child to Confident Leader

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Since 2021, Pearl S. Buck International has partnered with local non-profit Chariots for Hope, which serves children in need in Kenya through the operation of several children’s homes, and Bethlehem Baptist Church in helping the children living at Ogada Children’s Home find success in their lives by providing educational, health, livelihood, nutrition, and psycho-social support.

Finding Help and Hope in Kenya

John is the youngest child in his family, with three brothers and one sister. His mother tragically passed away following a prolonged illness, leaving him and his siblings in his grandmother’s care. Despite the love of John’s grandmother, she could not provide her grandchildren with the basic necessities, leaving him vulnerable and in need of care.

When John was in third grade, he was welcomed into a Chariots children’s home where he received three meals a day, safe housing, and loving care from caregivers. He was also enrolled in school, attending for the first time without worrying about when his next meal would be. The support from the children’s home helped John excel at his education.

Excelling at Education

Chariots continues to provide care and provision for John’s education journey. He is now in university, where he continues to demonstrate excellence and a strong work ethic. John has received mentorship from the university’s president, empowering him to represent and advocate for his peers at university senate meetings.

The manager overseeing John’s support shared his pride in John for his success at university. “This accomplishment holds great significance for John, as it grants access to various privileges within the university such as leadership retreats, modest compensation, and invaluable networking opportunities,” he said.

Child Sponsorship Changes Lives

Thanks to the generosity of people who support the humanitarian work of Chariots for Hope and Pearl S. Buck International, John’s life has been transformed into one of hard work, leadership, and perseverance.

He reflected on the impact of being a sponsored child, stating, “After losing my mother, I felt utterly hopeless. Yet, thanks to the support and care provided by Chariots for Hope, hope has been reignited within me.”

John’s educational leadership opportunities illustrate Chariots for Hope’s mission to create a transformed future in Kenya by giving children in need the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty. John’s life shows the impact that care and provision make in growing a young boy in need of the basic necessities into a healthy and confident young leader.

Thank you to all our child sponsors and donors who make a difference in the life of children like John every day!

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