Mosquito and Insect Control and Prevention



Location: Tay Dang Orphanage, Birla Orphanage, Ha Nam Orphanage, Center No. 2, Center No. 3, Thuy An Orphanage, Dong Da Orphanage

Beneficiaries: More than 1,000 children

Background: These centers have the common mission of caring for the elderly and for children who are either abandoned, disabled, or living with HIV. The orphanages provide them shelter, a place to live and become educated. Most are located in poor rural areas with facilities and equipment that are inadequate and in poor condition. In Vietnam, mosquitoes and other insects spread deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever. The orphanages are at high risk of mosquito and insect infestation due to a combination of high temperatures and prime breeding sources such as cramped, unclean living spaces and stagnant water. When the children get sick from mosquito-borne diseases, they can’t go to school or even end up in the hospital. Other insects destroy the children’s books and clothing. Rats are also a problem and bite the children when they sleep.

Specific Objectives

  • Assure that no children contract mosquito-borne diseases or are hurt by any insects

  • Keep the orphanage environment cleaner and safer for children’s health and activities

  • Manage mosquito and insect populations and eliminate their presence inside the orphanages

  • Assure that the children will live, study, and play in a healthy and safe environment

  • Educate people about the threat of dengue virus

  • Educate children about the consequences and effects of harmful insects

  • Reduce mosquito and insect damage to human health and enjoyment

Project Goal Amount