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Gaining Confidence and Helping Others at Chongshi Girls’ School

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Yixuan is a senior student at Chongshi Girls’ School. Before starting there as a middle-schooler, she had low self-esteem and was introverted. She didn’t know how to express herself confidently and didn’t like talking with others. She credits her teachers there encouraging her over the years. With their help, she became more confident, she began to express herself more, and she even became a school ambassador.

Growing and Learning

Throughout her high school career, not only did she grow physically, she matured quite a bit, spending time on self-reflection and reading. She learned by watching her peers respect their teachers and helping others, that not only is willing to help others a sign of good character but that it could benefit her as well. By helping others, she helps herself. She noted, “Looking back on my high school life, I was happy to help my classmates when they were in trouble, and because of this, my classmates selflessly extended a helping hand when I was in trouble.” Because she showed respect to her teachers, they were willing to give her extra help when she needed it as well.

Life Lessons at Chongshi

At Chongshi, she realized that being a good person is not just important for her well-being, but that it is a responsibility that helps all of society. She said, “If a person lives in this world, he has to shoulder the necessary responsibilities for and obligations to society.”

Attending Chongshi Girls’ School has truly shaped the young woman Yixuan is becoming and will hopefully set her on a course for success in life. Yixuan and other students at Chongshi who participate in the Pearl S. Buck International child sponsorship program are grateful for the “many American families who are willing to provide financial help. We can’t thank you enough.”

Admiration of Pearl S. Buck

She also noted that going to Chongshi taught her about Pearl S. Buck, whom she now sees as a role model. She explained Pearl S. Buck “was a successful lady and she made great contributions to human civilization.” As Yixuan finishes her time at Chongshi and looks toward the future, she notes “I will take Pearl S.Buck as my goal and strive to become an independent, caring, intellectual and elegant woman.”

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