Help At-Risk Families Get a Fresh Start in a Safe Home $250

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Your donation will provide Pennsylvania families starting over in a safe home with basic household necessities and other items that can help them make a fresh start.

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New Outfit and Shoes $59

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Your gift will provide a new outfit and shoes to a child living at Ogada Children’s Home

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Bicycle $70

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Your generous donation will provide a bicycle for a student to attend school in Cambodia. The simple gift of a bicycle often means the difference between a child being forced…

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Diapers for Disabled Orphans $25

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You can ensure Vietnamese orphans with disabilities have enough diapers to stay dry, clean, and healthy.

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Socialization Activities $45

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You can enhance the psychosocial development of a Vietnamese orphan by supporting seasonal social activities and community field trips.

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Jump Rope for Fun $4

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You can bring a smile to the face of a child in a Vietnamese orphanage with a jump rope that promotes physical fitness and fun!

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Sandals for an Orphan $8

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Your generous donation will provide a child living in an orphanage in Vietnam with a new pair of sandals to protect their feet.

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