Laptops for Students $625

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You can provide high school and college students with a laptop to optimize their ability to complete their schoolwork well, especially during these times of Covid-19 when many students are…

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Repair Homes Affected by Rainy Season Flooding $125

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Your generosity can ensure that sponsored children and their families living in Ormoc, Leyte, Philippines can make the necessary repairs to their houses to keep dangerous rainy season leaking and…

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Tutorial Enrichment $47

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Your donation will enable a child in the Philippines to attend a six-week math and English tutorial program to ensure that they get promoted to the next level.

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School Shoes $24

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You will provide a student in the Philippines with their own brand new pair of shoes to wear to school and provide them with protection, stability, and confidence.

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School Supplies $18

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You will provide students in the Philippines with a school bag, 12 notebooks, pencils, pens, and art materials, ensuring that they have the tools they need to learn.

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Personal Hygiene Kit $6

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You can ensure that children in the Philippines receive a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, alcohol wipes, and basic instructions on use.

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Garden of Life $11 – $490

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You can provide the seeds, tools, and training for one family or community in need in the Philippines to grow their own food to fight off hunger and move toward…

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Health Check-ups $50

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Your donation will help children in the Philippines to maintain good health through a comprehensive medical and dental check-up.

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