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Helping Sponsored Children in the Philippines Go to College

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Pearl S. Buck Foundation Philippines (PSBP) has an increasing number of senior high school graduates each year, thus an increasing number of college aspirants. This coming school year, 28 sponsored children who are high school seniors have already expressed their aspirations to continue their educations in college. PSBP assists sponsored children in pursuing a higher education by working together to lay out a plan that includes target courses (1st and 2nd choice), possible schools, and estimated expenses such as: tuition or miscellaneous fees, board and lodging expenses, and transportation expenses. The filled-out plan is given to the student’s sponsor to give a general idea of his/her sponsored youth’s college plans.

More Sponsors Choosing to Support Their Children Through College

Over the past few years, PSBP has gained more sponsors who continue their support of their sponsor child through the pursuit of a college education. This has resulted in an increasing number of college scholars every year. To date, PSBP has 109 college scholars in the sponsorship program, which is 25 percent of the total number of PSBP’s sponsored children and youth. It is worth noting that out of those 109 college scholars, 30 of them have been sponsored by local donors and foundations in the Philippines. Therefore, PSBP was able to reach its target of sending 100 percent of its senior high school graduates to a college education for the past four years.

Students Graduate With a Range of Degrees and Career Opportunities

Another manifestation of this college scholarship program’s success is commencement of 31 college graduates this year who have earned the college degree they have pursued. Eight will earn Bachelor of Science degrees in Elementary and Secondary Education; five will earn accounting degrees; and other earned degrees include Information Technology, Tourism Management, Financial Management, Custom Administration, Agricultural Engineering, Computer Science, Economics and Psychology. Soon these college graduates will have better opportunities to land stable, well-paying jobs that will change their lives for the better.

A Challenging Yet Rewarding Program

This program has been the most challenging and rewarding program for PSBP. The generous support of local and international individuals and foundations has unlocked a brighter future for so many of this young generation. PSBP believes that sponsors’ genuine concern for the future of their sponsored children and youth is the key to this program’s success. We are all so grateful for your generosity in helping these young people, and all those in our sponsorship program, lift themselves, their families, and their communities to a better life.

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