Intercultural Competency Assessments

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
Competency Assessment

By taking our Intercultural Competency Assessments at the start of your DEI journey, you will gain an understanding your current level of intercultural competency on an individual, group or organizational level is the ideal place to start your work. 

These assessments are a confidential research-based inventory taken online followed by debriefing and coaching sessions of results. The Welcome Workplace certified QA facilitators will then help you identify opportunities and develop a plan for individual and organizational growth in skills, behaviors, and attitudes to build intercultural competency.

Individual (IDI) Assessment

The cornerstone of our program is the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) to assess individual and group competency to navigate differences and commonalities. The individual surveys are completely confidential and compiled to produce an individual profile report, an individual development plan and a group profile report.

Individual 1:1 Feedback Session

The IDI Individual Profile reports and Individual Development Plan (IDP) will be interpreted at an individual meeting conducted by a certified QA facilitator as a 30-min. or one-hour one-on-one review sessions for each participant. Additional follow-up check-in sessions can be arranged.

Group/Organizational Results Review (1 Hour)

Overview of Welcome Workplace and the IDI Guided Development Approach through discussion of group results and review of core intercultural concepts and the growth continuum.

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