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Keeping Orphans Safe and Healthy

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In Vietnam, disadvantaged children and HIV-infected children are the most vulnerable groups, always in need of help, but even more so over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has taken a huge toll on them.

Keeping Diseases at Bay

Some of the world’s most deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue, and yellow fever are transmitted by mosquitoes. Children living in the seven orphanages served by Pearl S. Buck International Vietnam are at high risk of mosquito attack in the rainy and wet season. Because of this, PSBIV has placed a priority on disinfectant spraying for all orphanages to assure that no children contract any mosquito-borne illnesses and are not hurt by any insects during the moist summer months. Furthermore, this project keeps the children’s environment cleaner and safer for them to engage in daily activities that are beneficial to improving their physical and mental health. PSBIV always wants to create a healthy and safe living environment in which the children can live, study and entertain. This project also teaches the children about the importance of a clean environment and educates them on protecting their living space.

Even in normal times, protecting the children’s living environment has always been one of the main concerns of PSBIV. Especially now, however, during the pandemic, living space protection has become the main priority to ensure that the children are safe from this potentially fatal disease.

COVID-19 Prevention

Disinfectant spraying has been conducted in all the orphanages to prevent the children from Covid-19 infection. Thanks to this precautionary step, all children in the seven orphanages are in a healthy state and safe from the disease. Each orphan can live, study and play in the orphanages without any concerns about the pandemic. In addition to keeping the children safe from Covid-19 infection, the number of orphans suffering from infectious mosquito-borne diseases has decreased significantly, in comparison with the last year. More importantly, no children have been infected by the pandemic, which is the best news.

Thank You for Helping Keep Children Safe

Overall, applying disinfectant spraying had been a great contribution to the safety and health of the children, housemothers, and cadres in the seven orphanages, both from the normal, everyday concern of mosquito-borne diseases and the extraordinary concern of Covid-19. Vietnam has been confronted with the potential of repeat outbreaks of Covid-19 over the past two years, hence authorities in general and each Vietnamese in particular always feel cautious, take preventive measures, better prepare for the future, and foster proactive prevention of Covid-19 pandemic. The continuation of the pandemic has threatened Vietnam with food scarcity, shortage of supplies and disinfectants, and rising consumer prices. Because of this, PSBIV is now always in a state of readiness to support the children as quickly and efficiently as possible if the pandemic worsens in Vietnam—thanks to your support! PSBIV and the orphanages would like to express our greatest gratitude, high appreciation, and gratefulness to donors and sponsors for helping these children to fight against this pandemic. Thanks to your generosity and kindness, PSBIV believes that all orphans will certainly live in a safe and healthy environment and will remain healthy in mind and body, educated, and happy despite Covid-19.

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