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Serving New Immigrant Families in Taiwan for More than Five Decades


In 1968, Pearl S. Buck established the Taiwan branch of the Pearl S. Buck Foundation, which under the support of the US headquarters looked after mixed-race children born to US and Taiwanese parents. In 2000, it began to provide comprehensive and systematic services to the so-called new immigrant children and their families.

Helping During Tough Times

In May 2021, in response to the surge in community-based infections, the government imposed restrictions on people’s daily life. It was especially hard for the children served by PSBFTT. They were from poor families of new immigrants and most lived in single-parent households. Many breadwinners faced reduced wages, layoffs, or even unemployment, which led to a plunge in family incomes. Some sponsors or donors also felt the economic impact, forcing them to reduce their financial contributions.
Despite these challenges, PSBFTT provided health services such as regular social worker visits to monitor and keep track of the physical and mental development of the children, and healthcare interpreting service training for new immigrants.

Supporting Children in Need

PSBFTT also provided educational services such as scholarships and student grants; career planning workshops for teenagers; and parenting workshops for new immigrant parents. PSBFTT provided psycho-social support through adolescent workshops; lunar new year gatherings; Christmas gifts; training of new immigrant interpreters for consultation and reception services at New ImmigrantCenters; and school/classroom assistants for new immigrant children newly arrived in Taiwan.

During the year, PSBFTT found ways to make fundraising more diverse and accessible, such as offering mobile payment; and sought donations and collaboration from reliable corporate partners and social welfare organizations.

Keeping the Legacy Alive

PSBFTT has been committed to Pearl Buck’s mission of providing aid to children in need across the world. Their legacy is the service provided to children of cross-cultural relationships and to their families.

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