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Sponsorship Helps Children Succeed Academically in the Philippines


Fiona has been a sponsored child since she was in elementary school, where her academic achievements started. She graduated as valedictorian of her elementary school and received this highest award again when she graduated at the secondary level. She was admitted to the top state university in the Philippines, UP-Los Baños, to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Environmental Economics.

Pursuing A College Degree During the Pandemic

Fiona pursued this bachelor’s degree during the pandemic. Despite all the agony, massive unemployment, mental and physical health crisis and uncertainties, she was able to continue walking on the rough roads of her journey while pursuing all her goals in life. Throughout it all, her rock has been her beloved family: a hardworking father, a very supportive mother and the company of a younger brother. Despite going through a difficult time in her life and studies when she lost her father before graduating, she persevered, stronger than ever, confirming that “the best view comes after the hardest climb.” Fiona was one of 30 sponsored child college graduates this past year. She graduated cum laude, and received the honor of Best Undergraduate Thesis in Economics. Throughout her four years of college, Fiona also participated in Pearl S. Buck Foundation Philippines’ tutoring program, serving as one of the volunteer tutors for the younger sponsored children.

Achieving Success Thanks to Parents and Child Sponsor

When asked about her inspiration for having accomplished all of her successes so far in her life, Fiona simply directed her attention to her parents. Fiona also credits her child sponsor with inspiring and supporting her throughout her educational journey. She noted of her sponsor and his family: “It has been my pleasure and honor to be your chosen scholar. I am truly blessed to encounter such amazing and loving people like you. Indeed, you served as an integral part of my academic success.”

“My family and I will never forget the generosity and kindness you had shown throughout my educational journey. Words alone cannot express how thankful I am to be your sponsored child.”

Succeeding in School Is Not Just Getting Good Grades

Fiona considers her education a pivotal step to creating a positive influence as a citizen to her countrymen. She has a message to her fellow sponsored children: “To the people who also aspire to achieve success in their academic life, please remember that the most imperative aspect of education lies not solely in grades, but more than that, in the values, character, and perspectives you can develop throughout years of interacting with educated individuals who proactively apply their knowledge and competencies.”

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