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Supporting Education in China


The daily life of the students at Chongshi Girls’ High School continued to be adversely affected by Covid-19 over the last year because they could not continue their normal learning at school and many activities were canceled. In spite of this, approved funding from Pearl S. Buck International child sponsors and donors made it possible for the school to implement programs and projects for the children on healthy development and achieving a bright future. Students were encouraged to participate in a variety of activities throughout the year. This included participating in the opening ceremony of Pearl S. Buck Reading Day, visiting the Pearl S. Buck Museum, attending a lecture on “Pearl S. Buck and Her Chinese Hometown, Zhenjiang,” engaging in online activities with their sister school, La Salle Girona in Spain, and collaborating on international green innovation activities for young people with their sister school.

Staying in Touch with Friends

The sponsored seniors held a party before they graduated, in which they shared their experiences at the school and their thanks to PSBI and their warm-hearted sponsors. Each student made a short video and wrote emails to the school and PSBI to show their sincere gratitude. The Chongshi students continued to keep close contact virtually with schools in Spain and those in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and PSBI. Because of the pandemic, Chongshi has temporarily stopped their visits to the other schools and all travel abroad programs. Throughout the fiscal year, Chongshi implemented various projects and programs to support the students’ achievements and honor and provide good opportunities for the girls to reduce life difficulties, comprehensively develop skills, and help them have a better life in the future.

New School to Support

In addition to providing support to Chongshi students through the child sponsorship program, Pearl S. Buck International recently added child sponsorship opportunities for students attending Mao Yi-sheng School. The school is named after a famous bridge engineer, educator, and social activist in contemporary China, and the students there celebrate Mao Yi-sheng Science and Culture Week every year in his memory.

Thank You!

We are so happy to be able to expand our support in China and provide even more students with a chance to complete their educations and build promising careers and futures. Thank you for everything you do to support this expansion and outreach in China and throughout our International Programs.

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