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A Second Chance for Success in Vietnam

He Takes Part In Games With His Foster Siblings

Starting A New Life at the Orphanage

Quan was abandoned by his father in 2015 when he was only 6 years old. He was left with just a note: “I have a son who was infected with HIV, his mother has passed away. My family asked God for help”. Quan was taken to Ha Noi Rehabilitation Center No. 2, where he was extremely scared, shy and did not talk to anyone.

Starting a new life at the orphanage, Quan was assigned to live with 18 foster siblings. His health improved with having a safe, clean place to sleep and three meals a day to eat. Despite his HIV-positive status, the dedicated housemothers cherished and cared for him. He began attending school and made friends with the other children at the orphanage.

Thriving Thanks to His Housemothers and Child Sponsor

Currently, he is in the 7th grade. Because children living with HIV are discriminated against and segregated from the rest of society in Vietnam, Quan’s class has only three friends, who have studied together since the first grade. Though he got poor grades and lacked confidence as a student when he first began school at age 6, last year he earned the title of Advanced Student with Good Conduct. Quan studies hard to fulfill his dream of becoming a policeman. Quan has become thoughtful, helpful, well-behaved, obedient, and good at listening. Apart from studying, he often spends time helping the housemothers with gardening and cooking.

With the care of housemothers, the great support of PSBIV, and the generosity of his sponsor, Quan has grown both physically and mentally; he is greatly motivated to overcome obstacles in life. Receiving encouraging letters, photos, and small gifts from his sponsor family has created an intimate bond between would-be strangers living on opposite sides of the globe, but who are now close at heart. Quan understands that the best way to help himself and repay the love and care of the housemothers and his sponsor than by trying his best and studying as hard as he can to complete his education.

Thanks to funding from PSBIV and the kindness of his sponsor, Quan has been able to enjoy celebrations such as Traditional Lunar New Year, Children’s Day, Summer Holiday, and Mid-Autumn Festival. He has also benefited from PSBIV projects such as life-skills learning and fire safety training. These essential projects broaden his knowledge and equip him with necessary skills to succeed in life.

The spiritual and material support of PSBIV and his sponsor family offers him a healthy living environment, makes him more confident, active, and determined to achieve his goals. They have given him better opportunities to build a brighter future for himself.

PSBIV and Child Sponsorship Changed His Life

From a miserable child to a well-adjusted preteen working hard on completing his education and having a successful future, Quan is thankful for the great support, endless love and care of his sponsor. Thanks to his sponsor’s generosity and kindness, Quan has a foundation to achieve his dream and become a useful citizen. His success and the achievements of all the sponsored children in the orphanages is PSBIV’s greatest motivation and honor. Thank you to all child sponsors for making a difference in the lives of children in need.

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