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Dedicated to Serving Multicultural Families and Children in Korea

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According to the data and materials released by the Korean government, as of 2021, there are 385,000 multicultural households in Korean society, which account for 1.8% of all households. As the settlement of multicultural families has grown, the number of children from multicultural families aged 7 to 18 is fast growing as well.

Pearl S. Buck Foundation Korea (PSBFK) continues to carry out various support projects such as educational support for multicultural children and adolescents and livelihood support for vulnerable multicultural families (single parent families, families with disabilities, families suffering from disease, etc.). PSBFK also provides multicultural understanding education to help enhance awareness about the families they serve. PSBFK has implemented several projects to help support the multicultural families of Korea, including a kiosk donation campaign in the Samsung employee dining hall. The funds from this project provide medical support for a multicultural adolescent suffering from a rare and incurable disease as well as livelihood support for his single mother.

PSBFK’s most successful project of the past year was “Science Magic,” a creative science support project for the education and care of the children of multicultural families. 30 children from underprivileged multicultural families participated in ‘Science Magic,’ receiving four types of “science magic” teaching aids. They also participated in six contactless science programs. Consequently, the children were able to spend their leisure time after school engaged in these activities instead of spending that time alone; in particular, they were able to spend their time

usefully instead of sitting on their mobile phones or watching television.

Other projects implemented by Pearl S. Buck Foundation Korea supported the health, educational, livelihood, nutritional, and psycho-social needs of their constituents, including an after-school program for teenagers, creative science

support, multicultural festivals, mask donations, meal support for children of multicultural families, a Pearl S. Buck 130th birthday celebration, legal advice for multicultural families, and learning support for multicultural family communication improvement.

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