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Following in Pearl Buck’s Footsteps at Chongshi Girls’ School


Shuqi is a student at Chongshi Girls’ School. Since starting there in 2019, the school motto of “Independent, Caring, Intellectual and Elegant” has not only encouraged and inspired her, but also helped her and her classmates grow into loving and intelligent girls. When Shuqi was fortunate enough to be sponsored through Pearl S. Buck International, she felt the great honor and friendship between the Chinese and American people more deeply.

Shuqi noted she has been inspired by the fact that not only was Pearl Buck a famous and distinguished writer, but she was also an emissary for Chinese culture due to her childhood roots in the country. Shuqi added she has been deeply moved by Pearl Buck’s love and gratitude for China, especially the observations, reflections, and praise for the Chinese people found in The Good Earth trilogy.

Growing in Confidence and Independence

During the three years Shuqi has spent in high school, she has grown up a lot. Three years ago, she was timid and self-abased, unable to adapt to high school life well, unwilling to be independent, shy to deal with new teachers and classmates, and always left a mess by the heavy burden of studying. Now, she treats every classmate sincerely, respects her teachers and parents, and studies hard. When she learned about the relationship between Pearl Buck and Chongshi, she immediately became fascinated with Buck, wanting to learn everything about her life and legacy. While Shuqi marvels at Buck’s great literary achievements, her kindness, gratitude and philanthropic spirit also gave Shuqi great encouragement and inspiration.

Shuqi worked hard to learn English and learn more about Western culture. At the same time, she began to think independently and actively integrate into society.

In the process of growing up, she gradually felt the happiness of self-confidence and self-discipline, and became more positive and enterprising. Nowadays, facing the unknown, Shuqi is filled with a coolness and calmness that she never had before.

Grateful for Sponsor Support and Pearl Buck’s Legacy

Shuqi noted that all the friendly care from child sponsors living on the other side of the globe conveys the great love of Pearl Buck’s spirit. She said, “I want to sincerely say to these friends: thank you so much!”

As she is about to enter university, Shuqi plans to continue to study English. “I hope that through my efforts, I will not only inherit and carry forward the Chinese culture,” she explained, “but also contribute to the international Pearl Buck Association as a bridge of cultural communication between China and the United States under the inspiration of Pearl Buck spirit!”

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