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Looking Back on A Year of Bridging Cultures & Changing Lives

Thailand Games

Thanks to all of Pearl S. Buck International’s generous child sponsors and donors, the impoverished and marginalized children, families, and communities supported and served by our global affiliates and their humanitarian aid programs continued to receive nutritional, educational, health, and livelihood aid during 2023.

• The Philippines continued to support educational endeavors. Thanks to tutoring and other educational programming, 100 percent of sponsored students advanced to the next grade level. In addition, 30 college scholars finished college, the first time with that many college graduates at one time.

• Thailand also helped to support families dealing with food insecurity by providing education for raising livestock such as pigs and chickens so they not only have a nutritious source of food but also a source of income with the sale of the animals.

• Thanks to the generosity of PSBI sponsors and donors, Vietnam was still able to supply the orphans with healthy food, educational support, and social programming despite limited funding from the government.

• Chongshi Girls School in China is helping keep the legacy of Pearl S. Buck alive with a curriculum dedicated to her life and literary works. At school, the girls continue to have opportunities to overcome their difficulties, develop skills, and have a better life in the future.

• Korea started a wonderful initiative to support underprivileged children and families with “Science Magic Boxes,” a creative science support project for the education and care of the children of multicultural families.

• Taipei-Taiwan continues to help immigrant students develop the necessary skills to do well in school and immigrant parents, in particular women supporting their families on entry-level jobs, to learn crucial professional skills for employability and the potential to start their own businesses.

Thank You For All That You Do

In all, the overseas affiliates continue to do outstanding work with marginalized populations as they continue and build on the legacy of Pearl S. Buck. None of this humanitarian service to the most vulnerable around the world this past year could have been possible without your generosity and kindness. You provided help and hope and ensured that our work and outreach to those most in need will continue into the future. Wishing you a very happy holiday season, and thank you for all that you do!

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