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Training Today’s Young Adults to Become Tomorrow’s Global Leaders

Global Leadership is Going Virtual!
Summer 2020


The Global Leadership Program, for students from grades 9 through 11, is designed to help young adults become better students, college applicants, and global citizens. Participants put their newly acquired skills to use working collaboratively on a service project of their choice, with proceeds donated toward Pearl S. Buck International’s mission and work. At the completion of the program, students and their families celebrate their success at a graduation ceremony, knowing that they have made a contribution to the world. 

What you can expect: The same great opportunity, only virtually!
  • Engagement in discussions, simulations, and community service
  • Relationship and team building with teens from multiple high schools and differing backgrounds
  • Honing communication, leadership, organization, and decision-making skills
  • Building cultural and diversity awareness
  • Opportunities to collaborate, work creatively, and give back to Pearl S. Buck International’s mission and work
What we will expect from you: The same commitment & excitement!
  • Access to a computer with camera, audio, and strong internet connection (if you do not have these capabilities, we can still work with you! Please let us know if you will require technology)
  • Involvement and active participation in online discussions, sharing, and coursework
  • Commitment to online morning meetings
  • Dedication to small group flex time in afternoons (you can expect roughly 4-6 hours per week)
  • All students are to adhere to the same standards of behavior online as they would face-to-face.  Everything the students post in the chat window can be viewed by our instructors. We will be asking students to sign an online waiver

Class size is limited, so apply today by completing and submitting the application below.

Summer 2020
July 27-August 7


Application deadline: Monday, July 6

Student and parent orientation: Sunday, July 26, 6–7:30 pm

Classes: Monday, July 27—Friday, August 7, 9 am–12 pm

Graduation: Thursday, August 20, 6–7 pm

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The Global Leadership Program is supported by the generosity of Comcast.




It was a wonderful way to build self-confidence and skill as a leader, both of which are integral skills for future members of the workforce. I gained a lot from this program, and would love to see others gain from it as well.

Graduate of Global Leadership Program