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A Legacy of Learning and Leadership at Chongshi Girls School

Students from Chongshi Girls' School in China

Healthy Body, Healthy Minds

The girls studying at Chongshi Girls’ School continue to receive a good education, grow healthily, and are happy. As we approach two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, the school continues to try to find new ways to educate and engage the girls and help them enjoy school life. The girls have the opportunity to participate in a variety of physical activities and sports such as jogging, yoga, kickboxing, floor hockey, dance, and more. In addition to their work in the classroom, teachers in the school consciously help the students foster an awareness of “Health First”, developed around the motto “Exercise one hour a day, work fifty years healthily, and live happily ever after.” Sports are a part of the students’ lifestyles.

Developing Lasting Friendships

Developing friendships with each other and respect for one another is stressed among classmates in the school. They are told that being classmates or roommates for three years is a great honor and the relationship should be cherished as if they were sisters. Therefore, they should tolerate, help, encourage and progress with each other.
A variety of school programs, such as “Singing in May”, “Flea Market”, “New Year Party”, “Youth Ceremony”, “Graduation Ceremony” and so on, were organized to develop teamwork, friendship, and mutual understanding.

Exploring New Cultures

Students are also encouraged to participate in more activities based on not only their strengths and interests but in stretching their abilities and trying new things. Some girls are introverted and shy, enjoying their own world but going out will open a new world for them. Since 2013, Chongshi Girls’ School has explored more international cooperation with schools and students in America, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Prior to Covid-19, the girls had develops their language and communication skills. Chongshi Girls’ School continues to look for new ways to collaborate with universities to offer the girls more study abroad opportunities in the future.

Resiliance During the Pandemic

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, measures have been taken to help the girls avoid being affected and make use of this case to educate them on the importance of taking care of and helping each other, which is the core legacy of Pearl S. Buck. The school hopes to be able to bring the sponsored girls back to visit the Pearl S. Buck House and Pearl S.Buck International headquarters in Bucks County, PA once Covid-19 restrictions permit. The girls who eventually visit will bring gifts bought by the sponsored graduating seniors for their sponsors and PSBI leadership. In addition, the school continues to encourage the students to read more books, offering reading lists of books byPearl S. Buck and other outstanding women and having“read and share” sessions, where students can share their reading experiences.

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