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New Virtual Exhibit Launched for Women’s History Month—Dangerous Women

Dangerous Women

In honor of Women’s History Month and released to coincide with International Women’s Day on March 8, Pearl S. Buck International has launched a new free virtual exhibit on its website, Dangerous Women.

Pearl S. Buck was a Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, avid humanitarian, and ardent social justice activist. Buck used her writing and celebrity to shine a light on many issues facing society, including women’s rights, racial injustice, and the plight of marginalized children living in poverty around the world.

Dangerous Women was curated by Pearl S. Buck International Historic House Director and Curator VJ Kopacki. It celebrates just a few of the women who stepped out of traditional female roles and expectations and stepped up as visionaries and leaders. History is full of women who, like Pearl Buck, pushed the boundaries of their time through politics and through culture. Often, these women faced pushback for their radical ideas of equality. Society viewed them as “dangerous women”.

“History is full of incredible women, like Pearl S. Buck, who pushed the boundaries of their time even if their actions labelled them as ‘dangerous,’” noted Kopacki. “I framed this exhibit around women who made their mark in education and civil rights because these issues are as relevant today as they were for the advocates who first paved the way. Women’s History Month is the perfect time to pay homage to women who changed the conversation in their own time and whose legacies continue to shape the world today.”

This virtual exhibit is free to view and can be found under the “Exhibits” section at


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