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On the Path to Success Thanks to Child Sponsorship

Ganokwan At The University Cropped

Before enrolling in PSBFT’s child sponsorship program, Ganokwan and her family faced a challenging life. They lived in a small hut with a leaf roof because they earned little income. Her parents were able to grow and sell corn to help them buy necessities and send Ganokwan and her brother to school, but even though her parents worked hard, they still struggled to cover all their expenses, including having enough food for their family.

Relief with Child Sponsorship

Once Ganokwan enrolled in the child sponsorship program, her family felt a sense of relief, and finally had hope that they could make ends meet. PSBFT staff provided counseling through home visits, healthcare and education advice, and clothing and supplies for school. The educational support provided by Ganokwan’s kind sponsor helped ease her family’s financial burden, allowing them to use their meager income on other necessities, such as medical expenses, living expenses, and being able to buy enough corn and rice to feed their family and supplement their income.

Through PSBFT training, Ganokwan learned about good nutrition and how to grow vegetables, which benefited her family immensely. They started growing organic vegetables such as pumpkins, peas, Chinese cabbage, and tomatoes. They also raised animals such as pigs and chickens.

Bright Future for Ganokwan

Thanks to the support of her sponsor, Ganokwan no longer had to worry about where her next meal would come from, what she would have to do if she or a family member got sick, or if she would have to drop out of school to help support her family. She was able to focus on her studies and engage in school activities. After she completed secondary school in her village, she continued her studies at a public high school located in the district. Her hard work and diligence paid off, and she passed her entrance exam to study nursing at Siam University. She is currently in her second year there. This past year, Covid-19 has made learning more difficult due to remote education, but she still studies hard and does the best she can. Her parents continue to work hard because they are determined to support her education, which they know will give her a leg up to building a better life for herself. In two years, she will graduate with her Bachelor’s in Nursing Science, which will help her secure a stable and financially secure job. Ganokwan hopes that it will not be long before this will enable her to help her family, after all the years of help and support her parents have given her and that her whole family will be able to live a better life.

Thank You

Ganokwan will continue to study the best she can although she is currently far from home. She says she has to be patient in missing her family and wanting to return home. She accepts that it is hard work, but she knows, thanks to the support of her parents and the generosity of her child sponsor over the years, that she will be able to do it and make her dreams come true.

Ganokwan and her family are so thankful, from the bottom of their hearts to her child sponsor for all the support she received over the years. She wishes her sponsor and their family a lifetime of happiness, health, and success.

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