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Sponsorship Helps Families Thrive and Children Succeed in Thailand

Nannapas With Buddhism Study Certificate

Nannapas, or Soo-soo, is a model of a good student who has demonstrated remarkable academic accomplishment. She had received continuing support from the Pearl S. Buck Foundation Thailand from the young age of 8 years old through high school and passing the entrance exam to study at the University level.

A Family Struggles With Poverty

Soo-soo and her family faced many problems before enrolling in PSBFT’s child sponsorship program. They resided in the village of Ban Nong Luang in a tiny home with a leafy roof. Her family farmed maize plants and only made money from them once a year; their rice harvests were insufficient for the family’s needs throughout the year. Every time a family member fell ill, they found themselves in a difficult financial situation.

Thriving Under Child Sponsorship

Since Soo-soo was about eight years old and enrolled in Ban Nong Luang School’s second grade, she has been a sponsored child of PSBFT. This has inspired not just her but her whole family to have the strength to overcome obstacles and have greater aspirations for the future. Attending the healthcare and nutrition information workshop for kids and planting vegetables was a proud moment for Soo-soo. Since she and her family began planting and consuming vegetables, their health has improved. In addition, they rear pigs and chickens for their consumption.

Attending the health promotion camp and psycho-social development camp for sponsored children gave Soo-soo a wealth of knowledge and the opportunity to lead groups there, helping PSBFT staff prepare documents and take care of the younger children. Through PSBI and PSBFT, her community has benefited from the generosity of people who have dug wells for drinking and funded village playground equipment.

Excelling in School

Due to her diligence, keen attention to detail, confidence in her abilities, sense of responsibility, and cooperative nature during all school activities at the village secondary school, Soo-soo was qualified to continue her education at the local public high school. She has studied hard and participated in every school activity, which has helped her gain a wealth of experience. She is currently in grade 12, and was able to pass the entrance exam to enroll in University. She pledges to be industrious, to give her studies her entire attention, and to successfully pursue her dream of becoming a Chinese teacher. The Pearl S. Buck Foundation in Thailand, as well as Soo-soo’s family, are incredibly happy and proud of her and pledge to keep encouraging her and offering her every assistance to help her successfully attain her goals.

Soo-soo would like to express her sincere gratitude to her generous sponsor for all of her unwavering love, support, care, and concern for her family and her health. Thank you to all our sponsors!

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