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Vaccinating Hill Tribe Children in Thailand

Third Group Of Children Received Vaccine 1

In Thailand, generous child sponsors and donors helped provide vaccines to young Karen hill tribe children served by Pearl S. Buck Foundation Thailand. The goal of this project, which was featured on the Pearl S. Buck International website, was to facilitate vaccinations for these impoverished and marginalized
ethnic minority children in the northwest province of Tak to help them enjoy healthier and happier lives.

Ensuring Good Health for Children

Sixty-six children between the ages of 7 months and 7 years benefitted from this project, receiving the flu
vaccine. Because of this, they will hopefully have better immunity and a reduction in their risk of getting sick. This led to them being able to stay in school and not miss out on any part of their education, and also lessened the burden and expense on their parents, who would not have to seek medical treatment for a very ill child.

In addition to actually providing the vaccines to young children, this project included meeting with
community leaders, village leaders, and parents along with public health officials to educate everyone on the importance of vaccination against the flu for their children. Before providing the vaccine to target children each month the doctors reiterated to the parents about how the vaccine will prevent their children from severe illness, how to keep an eye out for side effects, and how to take care of their
children if they develop side effects. Thankfully, none of the children who received the vaccination experienced side effects or allergic reactions. Pearl S. Buck Foundation Thailand staff visited the children at home to monitor symptoms and provide advice on basic health care. It was found that after vaccination, all the children were healthy and strong, and experienced no worrisome symptoms or fever.

Successful Project

The project was a success, not just in the number of children who were vaccinated but in educating
parents and the community on why and how these vaccines will help their children. The community and village leaders, along with the parents, thought it was a timely and appropriate plan to help cut down on health problems in preschool-aged children. Those who received the vaccine are healthy and strong, have better immunity for their age, and because they don’t get as sick as easily, they can enjoy playing with their friends and families and be healthy enough to stay in school. Parents also now do not have to worry about paying the cost of children’s medical treatments, allowing them to direct more of their income to school expenditures and family needs.

Thanks to Caring Donors and Sponsors

We are so grateful to every donor and child sponsor who helped fund this project, and for everyone who gives a little extra to support all the Pearl S. Buck International projects that benefit the healthcare, nutritional, educational, psycho-social, and livelihood needs of all the children, families, and communities served by our International Programs. These services could not be provided without your generosity and kindness.

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