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Head Lice Prevention and Proper Hygiene Support and Awareness



Location: Phitsanulok and Mae Ramard District, Tak Province, Thailand

Beneficiaries: 600 school girls and 150 girls not in school

Background: Children from the Hmong and Karen Hill Tribe in Phitsalulok and Mae Ramard suffer from head lice. It was found that between 80-90% of the girls, aged 4-14 years old, are infected with head lice. In addition to the physical toll head lice take on their bodies, the symptoms have caused the girls to have a lack of concentration in school and suffer social stigmatization.

Specific Objectives

  • Organize meetings with school teachers and parents to make plans and set up core-working team

  • Coordinate with related healthcare staff and volunteers to prepare medicine to get rid of head lice per local knowledge, and demonstrate how to make the medicine

  • Provide knowledge and advice to children and parents/caregivers in household about not sharing towels and combs, how to wash bedding, etc

  • Organize training to teach the head lice life cycle, controlling head lice, providing knowledge to children and their caregivers in getting rid of head lice to children, and organizing activities to get rid of head lice for children (2 times/month)

  • Organize promotion campaign in communities on head lice awareness, provide follow-up healthcare visits at children’s houses to encourage parents/caregivers to observe and participate in the community effort to eradicate head lice

  • Provide hair-cut service to schools and community and provide a mobile lice prevention education unit

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Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Orphanages



Location: Tay Dang Orphanage, Birla Orphanage, Ha Nam Orphanage, Center No. 3, Center No. 2, Thuy An Orphanage, Dong Da Orphanage, Vietnam

Beneficiaries: More than 1,000 children and elderly

Background: A UNICEF report in 2014 showed that nearly 75 percent of children aged 2-14 in Vietnam have been violently abused by parents, caretakers, or other family members at least once. According to the Vietnamese Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs, more than 2,000 children in Vietnam are abused every year. Children who experience sexual abuse are more likely to be depressed and experience other types of mental health problems and to engage in high-risk behaviors such as violence and social evils such as drug abuse. Most families remain silent and fail to report the cases to authorities in a timely manner, because the law is not strong enough to punish the criminals. The long-term consequences for victims of child sexual abuse include:

  • Increased likelihood of teen pregnancy
  • Increased likelihood of homelessness
  • Including chronic homelessness
  • Increased risk of drug and alcohol abuse

Specially, the children in the orphanages often lack family love and safety so they are more sensitive, shy, and vulnerable. Because of this, they are less capable of self-resistance and self-defense, making them more susceptible to abuse.

Specific Objectives

  • Children will have self-defense awareness

  • Children will be encouraged to speak up if they are abused

  • The housemother and caregivers in the orphanages will learn the signs of sexual abuse to protect the children

  • Orphanages staff will be equipped with knowledge of the law and how to handle situations of abuse

  • Children will have a safe environment in which to live, study and play

  • Educate the public, especially policymakers, about the true nature of child sexual abuse. The more people who are informed, the fewer victims there will be

  • Strengthen and develop existing child sexual abuse prevention programs

  • Explore, evaluate, and strengthen new approaches to preventing child sexual abuse

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Swimming Training and Drowning Prevention Program



Location: Ha Nam Orphanage, Vietnam

Beneficiaries: 28 children

Background: Ha Nam Orphanage was established in 1997 with the mission of nursing elderly people, orphans and street children, abandoned and disabled children, and people with mental issues and who had been diagnosed with HIV. Currently, there are 42 orphans and abandoned children, ages 1-22 years old, living in the orphanage, which is located in a poor rural area with lots of canals and rivers. Summer is coming soon in Vietnam, bringing with it extremely hot temperatures upwards of 100 degrees. Because the closest swimming pool is 10 km away and the orphanage and schools are not air-conditioned, the children often swim in the canals and rivers to beat the summer heat on their way home from school. Swimming in the river without adult supervision means that they are putting their lives at risk. Many students drown every year. In March 2019, eight students died when swimming in a river in a nearby province.

Specific Objectives

  • Equip children with safe swimming knowledge and life-saving equipment

  • Ensure children can swim safely by themselves

  • Teach children how to save another person who is drowning

  • Allow children to enjoy swimming time and strengthen their health

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Help a Child Prepare for Disaster



Location: Lao, Linao, and Ipal, Philippines (Ormac City, Philippines relocation sites)

Beneficiaries: 110 sponsored children and their families living in Lao, Linao, and Ipal

Background: For the past five years, the Philippines has experienced many natural disasters, such as earthquakes and typhoons. Ormoc City, due to its location in the Philippines, is particularly vulnerable to these natural disasters. Recently the city was hit by two earthquakes and a major storm, which led to the destruction of homes, excessive flooding, flashfloods, landslides, and claimed thousands of lives and buildings. Because of this, it has been deemed urgent to teach the residents disaster preparedness.

Specific Objectives

  • To increase knowledge on self-protection during and after any disaster

  • To provide information on disaster preparedness to the sponsored children and their families

  • To decrease the absenteeism numbers among sponsored children due to flooding and water-borne diseases

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